Thursday, December 09, 2004

Marriage Prayer...

A friend shared me this prayer, for strong and solid marriage.
I am sharing this with you praying that may you grow in love with each passing years.

God bless you and your beautiful family.

O God, we come to thank you for our vocation to the married state of life. We thank you for all the favors and graces we have received from you in our marriage. We thank you Lord for the love and care we have been able to show each other. We thank you for our home and for our family. O God, we want to say SORRY for the many sins we commit in our daily lives. We have been negligent, taking each other for granted, even taking you for granted. Forgive us Lord for the times we have spoiled the beauty of our wedded life. Often we have been impatient and inconsiderate with each other. In some ways we have failed in our commitment to love and to cherish each other above everyone and everything else in this world. Help us now Lord, to be more thoughtful, keeping the promises we made through our marital vows.

In that holy sacrament of Matrimony you were present, Lord, assuring us of life-long graces to be loyal to each other as husband and wife. Teach us now, Lord, to constantly ask for those graces. Make us realize our need for each other and for you in our marriage. Inspire us to reserve time for prayer, morning and evening. Without you, Lord, we cannot have a truly happy life with each other.

Divine Jesus, please continue to bless our home and family. Give us good health in mind and body. Protect us from every evil. Save us from sin and temptation. Keep us in your love and care. We pray that our children may grow in faith and knowledge. Don’t let the false maxims of this world ever lead them astray from you, Lord. We ask Mary Immaculate to obtain for us and our children, the grace to live closely to her Son here on earth and then, to be with him eternally in heaven. Amen.

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