Thursday, November 25, 2004

A prayer of a wife…...

Let us begin by reading this... in the name
of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit...

"O Sweet Lady Saint Mary, you taught us how
to be a perfect woman and gave a broken world
the miracle of Jesus not by grasping for worldly
success, but instead, by offering your unconditional
"Yes" to Saint Gabriel and trusting in God's plan,
even though you did not foresee the suffering this
would bring you at the Crucifixion, or understand
how it could be. You did not even know that Joseph
was being prepared to be your husband. Your fiat
changed the world, right up to this very moment,
as I sit at my computer screen, or read this prayer
on a printed page. Woman to woman, I ask for your
Divine Spouse, the Holy Spirit, to plant the seed of
trust in my heart, despite all my fears of being hurt
and exposing myself to the cruelties or ignorance
of imperfect men. You completely trusted an imperfect
man, a husband born to Original Sin, Saint Joseph,
and today I ask you to go to Joseph, and ask him
to bring my intention, my miracle, before your
Son, and to begin granting it on this perfect day.
With you, with trembling heart, I echo throughout
time and eternity your perfect fiat: Let it be done
unto me according to thy word. Amen

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