Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Qumran, Jericho, Dead Sea and Jerusalem

Travelled to Qumran, Jericho and the Dead Sea - In Jericho, we visited the ruins of ancient city which was conquered by Joshua. We continued to the Dead Sea where we had a quick deep in the salt and mineral laden waters. Accordingly, water here is about six times saltier than our regular table salt. Amazingly, you need not be a swimmer for you can just float freely. Making sure that no sea water gets into your eyes, for it stings so badly. Good thing Father Angelo was there with us always ready to pour clear water to rinse your affected eye/s. Everyone was busy at the water, no one was available to take pictures, as we all wanted to take a good dip at the water.

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Molyn said...

meron bang place yong sinasabi nila na na nakakagaling. punta ka lang doon then pray then gagaling ka na.doon ba sa dead sea kayo naligo?